CityFibre to invest ?10 million in full fibre infrastructure for Stirling in partnership with Vodafone.

A partnership between CityFibre, Vodafone, MLL Telecom and Stirling Council to provide full-fibre gigabit broadband to homes and businesses in Stirling has been launched. The video above from CityFibre explains how it works and why a pure fibre network is needed for modern Britain.

Stirling is now home to a state-of-the-art, full fibre digital infrastructure, transforming it into a Gigabit City. Businesses can now take advantage of a new generation of affordable, gigabit speed internet services which will revolutionise the way they operate.

The Gigabit City network makes Stirling one of the best connected cities on the planet, dramatically accelerating the digital capabilities of businesses, local government, schools, hospitals and mobile operators. As a Gigabit City, Stirling will be future-proofed as the thirst for greater bandwidth continues to grow exponentially over the coming decades. CityFibre has partnered with MLL Telecom to help businesses access the best connectivity and services available. MLL Telecom are launching ultrafast services that enable businesses to stop concerning themselves with bandwidth restrictions and start to make the most of new ways of working that will improve their experience and drive the bottom line.

Whether it’s a faster connection to increase productivity or more bandwidth to underpin your increased use of cloud services, VoIP and remote storage, a dedicated full fibre connection to the network will give your business a digital head-start over your competitors.

The Gigabit city launch in January 2017 for Stirling included 24km network cable laid to serve the Stirling Council estate. By April 2018 Stirling fibre to the home expansion was announced with Vodafone and construction for fibre to the home roll-out will commence later this year (2018).

The area where fibre is currently installed in Stirling is on the map below.

10 May 2018
Stirling Business Week provided the Stirling business community the opportunity to meet directly with representatives from CityFibre, MLL Telecom and Stirling Council to find out more about the plans and progress.

The work to date was presented and shared on social media by many in the audience including the Chief Executive of Stirling Enterprise, Gordon Bell.

Once the fibre infrastructure is rolled out across Stirling, it will no doubt increase the attractiveness as a business base, and a place to live or visit. It will provide real work at home opportunities for the many commuters who live in Stirling and once the planned city centre Wi-Fi is also installed, visitors will also be able to take advantage of significantly higher connection speeds than normal, to increase dwell time and spend in the city centre.

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