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online wines Stirling Scotland

Wine Merchants Scotland
wine retailers and online wine merchants Scotland from WoodWinters wines and whiskies
WoodWinters people

malbec wine selections from online wine merchants and retailers WoodWinters wines and whiskies in Bridge of Allan

Malbec Wines

WoodWinters wines and whiskies retail outlet and wine tasting venue in Bridge of Allan, Stirling


Wine Merchants selling online wines are easily found in central Scotland. Their UK delivery network makes buying wine online a pleasure as if you were in your very own wine shop. And WoodWinters wines and whiskies in Bridge of Allan, Stirling and Edinburgh can offer wine buyers a fantastic selection of wines to suit all tastes.

The demand for wine, and buying wine online, has increased over the last few years due to increasing ever increasing consumer appetite for buying wine direct from the online wine merchants and the large number of wine shops that have opened up on the high street.
At Wood Winters wines and whiskies, they can offer a large range of wine of all types from shiraz to chardonnay, sparkling, merlot or any type of wine to suit many varieties of personal tastes that wine drinkers have aquired. Have a look at their video and come in to visit WoodWinters whenever it suites you, and try some nice wine. See Video of Wood Winters in central Scotland

WoodWinters wines and whiskies ,
16 Henderson Street, Bridge of Allan, Stirling

wine merchants Scotland in Wood Winters, Stirling from stirlingonvideo.co.uk
WoodWinters wines and whiskies is a family owned Independent wine merchant of many fine wines in Scotland. In this business, the customer is king – a truly unique experience

A friendly and in depth advice about wine will ensure that we can provide you with the wine to suit your requirements.

Douglas Wood - Company Owner and in charge of Private Client Sales
Originally from Stirling, Douglas has worked all over the world for major companies where possible multi-tasking and always learning about wine. He went to school in Stirling (Braehead Primary and Stirling High) before studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Edinburgh. He plays football every week and joins in the Running Company groups where possible. His favourite wine is Burgundy (red or white).

Cara Wood(née Winters) - Company Owner
Originally from Northern Ireland, Cara studied Physics at Edinburgh University (1992 - 1996) where she met Douglas. After teaching spells in Manchester and London, she became a Mum to Erin and moved back to Scotland. Now Mum to Felix and Bertie as well, she directs the team's enthusiam and shares their passion for bringing interesting wines to Central Scotland. Favourite wine: probably sherry.

Frankie Bradley - Wholesale
Frankie joined the team in January 2009 to lead the wholesale part of the business.After an honours degree in business he worked in busy hotel restaurant in Uddingston for 7 years. Then spent over 7years at MC 3 of these as key account manager looking after 4 and 5 star hotels. Obviously loves wine, but also unusual and small batch bourbons ... Keen golfer and has handicap of 4. Plays football every week, and is constantly amused by the complete madness of his boxer dog, Honey! She is absolutely bonkers, just ask Doug

Shane Dunning - Private Client Sales, Bridge of Allan
Having spent eight years in the wine trade in London (La Reserve) and Edinburgh (Valvona & Crolla), Shane joined the team in September 2006 with a passion for wines from all over the world but especially those of France and the USA. Shane’s previous experience was in fine wine retail and wine education; including events and training to the public, companies, and to the hotel and restaurant trade. Originally from deepest darkest Somerset, Shane loves mountain-biking and snowboarding and does not chew straw or know how to drive a combine harvester.

Kim Johnston - Retail, Bridge of Allan
Kim has a huge passion for food and wine (ex Oddbins, Ian Mellis and Manager Stravagin, Glasgow). She recently passed her Diploma and is responsible for our Bespoke Clients as well as selecting the Pret-a-Partir seasonal cases.

Stevie Connacher - Logistics
Stevie joined the team in September 2008 from Majestic in Edinburgh and co-ordinates the movement of all wine ... Ordering, deliveries and keeps the new warehouse in perfect order!

John Ritchie - Manager WoodWinters, Edinburgh
John came on board to manage the Edinburgh shop in December 2008. A well known face in the wine trade with 12 years experience as manager with Oddbins until 1995, at which point he joined Valvona & Crolla to manage and expand their wine department. During his 13 years as manager and wine buyer he won many awards for their wine lists.
Married to Kim another ex oddbod and Dad to Hannah & Emma, 3 girls with exquisite taste!

Mike Billinghurst - Retail, Edinburgh
Mike joined the Edinburgh team while his lovely wife was very pregnant. And then along came baby Charlie ...