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A vibrant blend of historical interest, unspoilt natural beauty and rural life animates the Trossachs for today's visitor.  Countless writers, poets and artists have been drawn to its loch shores, fascinated by the tales of Rob Roy MacGregor and perhaps by the mystery of the 'children of the mist' the clans who lived amidst these wild hills.  William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Samuel Coleridge, James Hogg and John Ruskin all savoured its incomparable atmosphere.
In more distant ages, this natural frontier was where many ancient cultures met.  Britons, Scots, Picts and Romans all left their mark.  However, it is the clan leader Rob Roy the highland Robin Hood who has most captured the imagination, not only of his eighteenth century contemporaries but of many who have followed in his footsteps.  Hero or villain, rogue or rebel, tales of his irrepressible exploits still reverberate among the Trossachs glens and passes to this day.
Rob Roys GraveThe very routes once followed by Rob Roy's cattle drovers in time became the arteries which now carry our modern traffic.  Nineteenth century tourists lurched over the famous Duke's Pass in heaving horse-drawn carriages, whereas today's visitors wend their way through pine forests or through the sheep-dotted glens in greater comfort.
Tourism a natural progression, perhaps, of the traditional 'highland hospitality' goes back further in the Trossachs than almost anywhere in Britain.  Forestry and farming are the are the other main industries here and you can certainly gain a revealing insight into these rural livelihoods as you visit the Trossachs today.  You are also assured of bountiful wildlife, of stunning landscapes steeped in echoes of the colourful past, of plenty of things to do and places to visit.  Above all, you are assured of that warm, highland welcome.  The Trossachs Discovery Centre in Aberfoyle is the ideal place to start.