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15 Feb 2022

WOLFCRAIG Distillery is set to be a new independent force in the Scotch whisky industry with a landmark, purpose-built home beside Craigforth at the foot of Stirling Castle.

Founders John Moore and Jamie Lunn beam with pride as they talk about a momentous recent moment on the journey to producing their first casks. Engineers drilled down into the soil and reached the water that will supply the distillery – “that’s going to be a part of our history now,” John says.

Whisky is a spirit with an extraordinary connection to the place it is from. The grains, water and even the individual still used will define the character of the drink, with the taste profile accented by cask barrel ageing. The name of the company harks back to a local legend about how Vikings attempting to attack a sleeping garrison in the dead of night stepped on the paw of a wolfcub. Its howls woke up the Celtic warriors, providing them just enough time to gather themselves and fight off the invaders. To this day, the wolf is considered the “Protector of Stirling” and features on the city’s coat of arms.


“The community aspect is very important to us and we are building those relationships across the city, connecting with the university and sponsoring Stirling County Rugby Club. We want people to discover Wolfcraig whisky globally, but we also want to give back to Stirling and help the city achieve its masterplan for the next ten years and beyond.” Jamie says.

“We want to show local produce here at the distillery in our restaurant, bars and shop.” John adds: “As part of our sustainability principles we aim to work with local businesses wherever possible and we plan to run an electric shuttle across Stirling to improve transport links.”

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