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Norries House - an historic building in stirling<

Old Town


In Across the road from the Tolbooth stands the 17th Century house of the Town Clerk, James Norie. He was a lawyer, and the carved stone head of a lawyer in a wig sticks out near the roof top. Carved initials including those of Norie and his wife can be seen on the frontage. The tall houses in Broad Street were joined together, and in each house lived several families. Most have now been rebuilt.
To reach the backyards there were narrow pends or closes roofed over with houses above them. Behind the houses were long narrow plots of land. Here residents grew vegetables and kept hens and other livestock. Wooden stalls - medieval shops - were built onto the front of the houses.

"James Norie was a lawyer and town clerk in Stirling and built his fashionable new house in 1671.... it even had it's own well! The site belonged to his wife's parents and the family initials can be seen over the windows, along with latin mottoes such as 'wisdom is the tree of life'. At the top of the roof you can see Norie's wigged head looking down at you. Other lawyers and rich merchants also lived in this area."