website updates throughout 2013.

(24 September 13) Along with the task of changing from the old site design to the most recent one, we are also adding new pages on a commercial and non-commercial basis. Since the last update, a couple of news articles have been added. As time moves on, stories will be archived by month & year, accessible from the main /News/ section of the website. The aim is to post a couple of stories per week that are relevant to Stirling businesses, residents and potential visitors. However, if more stakeholders come forward, we would be happy to add even more content to the site on a more regular basis.

(19 September 13) It's been a busy few weeks on all fronts. We've now introduced a "Submit your Story" option for the website. Email your press releases including up to 3 images and a video link to Primarily we want stories that will help Stirling appeal to visitors. As we march towards the end of the year, we hope to complete the changes on Thereafter, content is king. We have approached various key stakeholders to assist with this and currently awaiting feedback from them.

We have also changed the hashtag to use for free marketing on the home page. All you have to do now is add as part of yout tweet for it to appear on the home page.

(16 August 13) Some more pages on have been upgraded to the new look in the last 3 days since the last update. The Bannockburn Live video has been added to the home page playlist. This is not a video produced by but the embed code has been left open for all to share and enjoy the video. We just hope it doesn't frighten the English too much, to the point they are afraid to come to Scotland next year.

Although the main navigation has been rationalised, no links have been removed from the website as we continue on our task of upgrading the website in real-time.

(13 August 13) To get free advertising on the home page, just use the #stirlingonvideo hashtag in your tweets. Other updates in progress, including today's colour change of the main navigation & banner.

(03 June 13)
While most people were enjoying the Stirling sunshine over the weekend, the team were doing further design work on the top level categories on the domain. Like we said back in January, the updating of the website is taking place in real-time, without changing the website addresses. Website visitors can now see the updated pages in the following sections: - shopping; the old town; attractions; stirling email; Bridge of Allan; accommodation; and restaurants.
However, there is still much more content to add to these updated pages, and any suggestions are most welcome.

(31 May 13) All Stirling residents, Stirling businesses and all Stirling Council employees are invited to use email addresses as an ongoing communications tool to tell the world about Stirling.......(more)

(29 May 13) From today on the countdown to Stirling2014 has begun.......(more).

(11 Jan 13) - gets a real time makeover.

From today is getting a makeover. However, rather than wait until the website has been completely re-designed, we've taken the decision to let you judge a website by its cover. As you can see there have been some preliminary changes to the home page layout, although the navigation structure is the same. There are some fundamental reasons behind our reasoning for doing this.

The website was first launched in 1994 as a tourism, community and business website with the initial objective of attracting various stakeholders to use it to meet their various needs. Just like original market towns developed as centres of trade and commerce, bringing buyers and sellers together, the vision back then was to achieve the same via the Internet.

Over the last 19 years the website has generated millions of visitors and pageviews, resulting in many thousands of accommodation bookings, restaurant table bookings, product sales and enquiries to local retailers.

The website is older than Google and the URLs (web addresses) were first created during the initial development. As a result, the whole website and URL structure are all well indexed in all the major search engines. This has resulted in being found by Internet users with over 28,000 different search terms in the last year alone. And not a penny was needed to be spent on Google AdWords to promote the website or any pages within it. There have been over 2 million pages views on the website in the last 5 years.

It currently has a Google PageRank of 5 (PR 5) which we are aiming to improve on further.

The businesses listed on receive many enquiries or they would not continue to pay for their listing on it. This is why we've decided to complete the re-design in real time. During this process, we will monitor website traffic in order to ensure the URL's are not falling off the search engines radar, resulting in less traffic and less enquiries for the businesses listed. The URL's are not going to change. It's only the look of each page that will be improved upon.

The re-design process is going to take some time as we are working within the day to day tasks that any business has to undertake. The website is hosted, developed and content managed as part of our independent business. It is not funded by a local authority or government funded organisation, although many have commented that they thought this was the case.

The makeover is going to be a visual one initially. Interactive elements will include the embed facilities provided by various social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as other online booking providers. If, at a later date, feedback suggests that stakeholders want more direct interactivity, then we will review the website functions again to meet those objectives. However, our focus for now is giving the website a fresh look whilst retaining the Search Engine Optimsation (SEO) that has been earned over the last 19 years.

If anyone has any suggestions for the website, please feel free to provide feedback as we go through the re-design process. We're not the sensitive type, so honest and frank feedback is welcomed. Do not be surprised if you visit the site to find changes to the look over the coming months, as this is part of the plan.

Suggestions of new categories to include or remove will be considered.

We are still working on the branding of the logo.

If anyone would like to supply any decent photographs they have taken of the Stirling area, you will receive credit for them.

If there are budding or established writers, journalists or scriptwriters out there who would like to feature their work on the website, please get in touch. We'd like to feature any work that people are prepared to provide us relating to Stirling, Scotland or any tourism, community or business related topic. Again, full credit will be provided.

Finally, I'd like to request that you Like us on Facebook; follow us on Twitter; and subscribe to our YouTube Channels for StirlingOnVideo and MyTownOnVideo where we'll be making annoucements of when more updates have been made to the website.


My name is Tony I'Anson. I am the founder and Managing Director of Stirling Internet Ltd (1994) and Ltd (2007). I registered the domain name shortly after graduation from Stirling University and I have been working in the Internet industry since then. Our small team have a plan and infrastructure in place to replicate the success of our work in Stirling, intially throughout Scotland.


Tony I'Anson