(30 January 2014) - Falleninch Farm Selling meat direct to the Public.

Farmer offering Local Deliveries in his own refrigerated vans.

STIRLING Facebookers went into a wee frenzie last week with Likes, Shares and comments following Falleninch Farm's quiet announcement that they were offering their quality meat produce direct to the people of Stirling. The offer of a couple of free Haggis' in time for Burn's Night helped a bit.

Teaser samples of what would be on offer via their online shop, certainly helped lift the spirits of meat thirsty Stirling folk trudging through January, as Likes hit 750 in a couple of days. Ten Sirloin Steaks for £25 straight from the farm were posted as an example of the quality meat for sale.

And people didn't horse around, as they know a bargain when they see it.

Falleninch Farm video, featuring Andrew Hornall

Andrew Hornall, the 3rd generation owner of this working farm, told Stirling.co.uk "Since the launch of our new local service via our Facebook page last week our on-farm butchery products have been flying out the door. Our super value special offers on mince, diced steak, chicken, sirloin steaks and the fantastic Farmer's Meat Box are going down a storm with our customers."

Falleninch Farm lies in the shadow of Stirling Castle in central Scotland. They have been supplying the catering trade since 1964.

It is a traditional farm with sheep and cattle grazing in the fields and running outdoors. The primary consideration is that the animals are carefully handled with minimal stress both on the farm and in transportation.

Falleninch Farm champion the rearing of quality pork, beef, lamb and poultry produced and supplied locally to the catering trade and the general public within a 10 mile radius of Stirling.

Andrew believes that this will strengthen the future of sustainable farming, while maintaining the environment for wildlife, recreation and tourism. He is passionate - and serious - about what he is doing.

He employs his own butchers - on the farm - and they have their own fleet of refrigerated vans to offer local deliveries up to 10 miles from Stirling. The butchers have years of experience and are always happy to offer advice or are on hand to help if required.

The online shop went live 2 days ago, using the Shopify E-commerce software platform. This means the staff in the office are able to fully manage the availability of meat to customers at all times, including the mid-week Special Offers.

"We only sell what we have each week, so when it's gone, it's gone" said Andrew. "This is why we decided to invest in getting the product availablity controlled in real-time. The system we have in place enables us to do that, as it's important we don't let anyone down with orders. I've learned this from a lifetime supplying the catering trade. Our customers love the convenience of how they can order and receive their orders, which can also be delivered to their place of work."

The public can now visit www.falleninchfarm.co.uk to find out all about their farm and how they work. And there is a link straight through to the online shop where people can buy their meat for collection, or delivery within 10 miles of Stirling.

In an ever changing and competitive world, it looks like this farmer has decided to embrace it rather than put his head in the dungheap.