(27 Mar 2015) - Stirling Council announce Ambitious plan to promote Stirling for business

Work to attract more investment to Stirling is underway as an ambitious plan is drawn up to promote the city and wider area.

The Council’s Finance and Economy Committee heard yesterday (Thursday 26th March) how as part of the overarching Economic Strategy launched last November the plan will promote Stirling as a vibrant place and an ideal location for businesses to establish themselves and grow.

Stirling Council’s Senior Manager for Economic Development, Carol Beattie, said: “Competition to attract trade and investment is fierce across the world and across the UK and we have to do all that we can to persuade businesses that Stirling has the right mix of opportunities to make it the perfect place for them to establish themselves.

“There are things that we already do very well in and others that we know need to be developed, and this plan is about identifying where those gaps are and ensuring that we close them to give the city and surrounding area the best chance when it comes to gaining that competitive edge.”

The plan will demonstrate how both the city and wider area already have an ambitious, creative and innovative population.

And, arguing that business expansion is aided where infrastructure supports groups of companies who supply each other and collaborate together, it will also look at the work needed to support this

Source Stirling Council.

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