(04 Mar 2015) - Stirling City Centre Businesses Say No to a Business Improvement District

Stirling traders have voted by a whisker against setting up a Business Improvement District – and the chance of a £1.5million cash injection into the town.

Of the 518 businesses eligible to vote, 217 did so - with 101 in favour and 107 against. Nine unsigned papers were deemed null and void - which if intended to be in favour would have been enough to swing the decision the other way.

Stirling Council had set aside £30,000 to invest in the Stirling city centre in the event that the BID establishment was approved, bringing total spending to £330,000 in the first year and £301,000 for each of the four following years.

Full story online via the Stirling Observer today.

Stirling votes No to a BID


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