(17 February 2014) - Stirling.co.uk Reaction to Stirling2014 Losing Creative Director.

"A year-long event to coincide with the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn has been dealt a blow after its creative director left her post."

The print media were all over it in a flash once the story broke on 12th February in the Scotsman.

There is a saying that any publicity is good publicity, so to put a positive spin on events over the last few days, no one can argue that Stirling hasn't had plenty of coverage. Marketeers could question how much the column inches would have cost to buy in order to promote Stirling in the national media. In that respect, it's a case of job done.

And that's in the same week when the news was announced in the Courier that Stirling may become the new home of T in the Park !

However, given that Stirling still has to facilitate a number of important historic, cultural and sporting events this year, we cannot help feel that we have missed out on a great opportunity to maximize the positive publicity as the eyes of the world are upon us.

See the various articles published over the last few days.

The Scotsman - Stirling 2014 creative director quits over budget

BBC, Tayside and Central Scotland - Stirling 2014 project loses creative director.

Daily Record - Stirling 2014 creative director axed

At Stirling.co.uk our view was that "the show must go on", and it will. We also published a "Keep Calm and Come to Stirling" on the home page and Stirling.co.uk/stirling2014 pages.

All the planned events will take place and people will come to visit. However, although hindsight is a great thing, we believe that the organisation and implementation could have been achieved with much more effective and engaging strategies to avoid the above from happening. And we offered to help >>>

By 14th February, the Daily Record had obviously been doing some digging around for more detailed information, highlighting the £15,000 Civic reception at Stirling Castle in May 2013; Iona Crawford's company getting paid £36,000 in consultancy fees from a total spend of £138,210.

The question we have is, what was the rest of the budget spent on?

As far as we can see it's been:- A logo; A 100 second video with a 6 word script "I'm Putting My Heart Into It"; A 5 page website Stirling2014.co.uk - officially owned by a person based in Glasgow; A few banners on King Street and bus advertising.

Whoever is responsible, please tell us if we missed anything and we will publish an update.

Tony I'Anson, owner of Stirling.co.uk said "For many years I've heard the rhetoric from various government funded organisations - not just the Council - about working in partnership with the local business community, although I've yet to see it really working in practice. Many local business owners that I've worked with over the last 20 years agree with me.

On the face of it, the latest news reports highlight what happens when the marketing of Stirling has not been thought through or planned properly.
However, we are where we are, and must give visitors the best welcome possible to our great City throughout 2014 and beyond."