(18 Feb 2015) - Summary of news covered in the Stirling Observer 11th and 13th Feb 2015

Wednesday 11.02.2015 Edition

Frontpage Headline "Hospice Patient's Baby Joy, Cancer mum in historic birth"

The story about a patient at Strathcarron Hospice becoming the first to give birth while receiving treatment for cancer. Baby Nathan Reid was born on 8th January, weighing in at 7lbs 3oz.

Stirling Observer front page 11-02-2015

Centre Page story "Ice Queens and Kings" featured over 800 young runners from local primary and secondary schools bearing the wintry weather to take part in Stirling's cross country championships at Queen Victoria School in Dunblane.

Stirling Observer centre page 11-02-2015

Page 4. Andy Murray wedding to Kim Sears at Cromlix House, with Dunblane businesses gearing up for the big day. We liked Andy's @andy_murray tweet about the announcement. "This is not News" <full story>

Friday 13.02.2015 Edition

Frontpage Headline "Heartless, Parents' anger after memorial to son is stolen from roadside".

The story was about the devastated parents of a young man from Drymen who died in a tragic accident on the Dumbarton to Stirling Road in 2001 after the memorial to their son, Mark Brennan, had been stolen. <Full Story>

Stirling Observer front page 13-02-2015

Centre Page spread covered the Stirling's residents opportunity to cast their vote for our very own Monopoly Board. <Full Story>

“The factors that will decide are two-fold. Firstly – and crucially – the strength of popular feeling and pride for a particular city or town. Secondly, the diversity and beauty of potential landmarks to fill the board. So it’s in effect a beauty contest – to borrow a famous MONOPOLY phrase. The only difference is there is no prize for coming second, just first.”

Stirling Observer centre page 13-02-2015

Votes to: election@winningmoves.co.uk or by post to SCOTLAND, Winning Moves UK, 7 Praed Street, London W2 1NP. Polls close at midnight on 28th February 2015.