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These beautiful and varied woodlands provide homes for many birds and animals, listen for the hysterical laughing call of the green woodpecker, or the grating shriek of a jay. If you hear a chaotic crashing sound high above your head, look up- grey squirrels can often be seen chasing each other through the treetops.
In early July the wildflower meadows are dotted with the spikes of thousands of Greater Butterfly Orchids. Their beautiful flowers resemble small white butterflies clinging on to the plant's stem.
On a quiet summer evening you may be fortunate enough to glimpse the shy roe deer as they venture out of the woods to graze in the fields. Not so long ago, the bings were barren and lifeless- two grey hills of coal waste.
Today, nature is fighting back! Young birch, oak and Scot's Pine trees are turning the landscape from grey to green, providing food and shelter for countless small birds. In many areas vast numbers of spotted orchids produce vivid splashes of pink and purple from late spring onwards.
If you would like to know more about the park, please contact the Countryside Ranger Service on (01786) 442541 or write to Stirling Council, Environmental Services, Countryside Ranger Service, Viewforth, Stirling, FK8 2ET