How do I know working with is worth the money? Take the test and you'll see for yourself within the first few months. category listing; 5 web pages £60
Direct Debit £60+vat for 12 months on
You must already have a video to take up this offer. Otherwise, see offer below. A single payment of £72 will be taken by Ltd who manage the content on category listing; 5 web pages; Video production £16012 months on and video

A single payment of £192 will be taken by Ltd who manage the content of and will contact you directly to arrange a time and date to film your business.

Note that the graphic image above is taken from genuine screen dumps from the website's Google Analytics account.

For any business that require a listing on, full details of statistics can be provided to evidence this. Some of the businesses have been listed on the website since the beginning. If it was not benefiting their business, they would have moved on a long time ago.

What are the benefits? is listed on the 1st page of Google for many thousands of search terms, and your business can take advantage of this.

Your business will be listed under customised search terms directly relevant to your business that are guaranteed to generate website traffic and sales leads.

A customised video will highlight the benefits of using your business to your potential customers or guests.

What do I get for the 12 months my business is listed?

Search engine optimisation for search terms that your business is not getting listed for.

"Calls to Action" (CTA) for people considering your products and services.

A 5 web pages within the domain. (

A customer feedback questionnaire that sends feedback direct to you.

Sales leads and enquiries for your products and services.

Fully itemised Google Analytics statistics to independently verify the number of visitors who have viewed the information about your business on


What's involved in video production?

On-site filming at one venue for up to 1.5 hours.

Travel to venue within 20 miles of Stirling.

Post-filming video editing.

Script writing.

Professional voiceover recording.

Video upload and distribution.


What's happens after 12 months?

You will have the statistics and records of enquiries and sales generated as a result of listing your business on

Then you can make a decision whether you want to continue or not with the service. Many of our customers have been with us for over 10 years, based on the responses they receive from